This feature has been implemented

A True One Account System!

We receive a lot of feedback from players regarding the return of multi accounts. This will not happen due to the fact that the winner will always be the player with the most accounts, the most amount of time and the largest number of players in their team. Another common complaint is that the winner of each round is always a team and this is indeed the truth and has been for a number of years. The Crew have come up with the following idea which may combat both of these issues but we need your feedback! Please read all about the idea below along with a few Questions and Answers when recently presented.

The idea is to make a game which is possible for anyone to win. To do this the majority of changes would need to be made to the way in which assaults occur due to the fact that this is how teams move all of their stats around and eventually donate to their top account. The basic concept of the idea is to make Nightlife a place for raising stamina and hunting and stop using it as transfer area for team stats.


*The ability to save Rave Partys and Nightclubs will be removed. Your own clubs will be automatically added to the top of your Nightlife page.
*All Admin Raves will be deleted as a precautionary measure as these may be used for the transfer of team stats.
*The search bar to find specific raves will be removed.
*Rave party names will be hidden and only raves of active players will appear at nightlife page. This should ensure that its still possible to hunt.
*To assault someone you must have a red relation with them. These will only be found randomly when searching nightlife. GAs will be launched in the same way and only through red relations.
*A further advantage of this assault system is that players would no longer be able to purposely join a gang to milk them as all red relations required would need to be found at random.
*The Fightclub would need to be either removed OR redesigned so that teams are no able to directly transfer stats between friends accounts.


All Queries regarding this Idea will be answered below..

Q. Will tickets be increased
A. This may have to happen, as It is possible that it will be harder to find players when hunting.

Q. How many raves will be at the start of round?
A. The best way around this I think is that everyone begins the round with their own nightclub. These can then be upgraded to rave partys later in the round.
I approve this idea. Stryker
i approve this idea =)
It will be nice if you would vote this idea too, not only write. There is another topic is same name, so be careful were you vote, thanks.
i like
dont like
Of course, but if you do not give too sure on the round, go back to the previous system, nothing like a test for one round, it will be very good
thumbs up
like the idea :P
this idea is kinda good i actualy think need to remove tickets and go with no limits and then all players can play how long they whant to hunt in raves and earn much stats and win in game:)
Boa ideia !!
Shit idea!!! So with this kinnd of change all teams gonna dissolved.. No more drug transfers no more stats transfer. And will be just a solo game every1 hunts and no more fun i guess.. Try and think before change , 3 years ago was about 10k ppl online now less than 1k..
Boa Idéia ,I liKe!!!
waiting to see how it actualy works, it isnt that simple.
Eu acho que podemos TESTAR um round. Colher as informações desejadas e ai sim decidir a forma de jogo. Por enquanto, acho que as atualizações só pioraram a jogabilidade do round inteiro, pois antes, 10 anos atrás quando conheci o jogo, era bem melhor!
i still can see many many things that aint going to work on this idea :|
talvez... não sei se iria funcionar.
good idea
I aprove this idea By: lli
I couldnt agree more.. :D
Bad idea :(
eu aprovo (Y)
I approve this idea.
Regarding the stats transferred through the fight club, you could set some period of time (like 24 hours) to challenge or be challenged after the first successfull fight. This way there will be no more stats transferred but you can keep the ability of getting the account milked, since the player will be able to challenge anybody else one time.
let me be more clear... you could set some period of time (like 24 hours) to challenge or be challenged after the first successfull fight with THAT specific player who you have just win or lose the fight, but you can always challenge anybody else as long as you havent had a fight with him in the last 24 hours.
I like :)
Boa ideia, só assim acabaria com a mafia das GGs, e qualquer jogador sem equipe tem chances de ser Top, sendo que só vai depender dele mesmo. Gostei.
This idea is nice... but i think fight chat couldnt be over... maybe if you put a limite to accounts fight with other, for exemple: in one day, my acc (ID 1) can fight two times with acc (ID 2) and only 1 time if acc (ID 3) made two fights with acc (ID 2). Think it can works by this way
and remove weapons in fight chat and character... if we have to fight, we need fight clean... without advantage, only the strongest man will surviver (and if acc have 100 or 50 difference respect, you can attack automatically, because if you want fight, you dont have to choose with who). And about winning streak, you can save your victories if you lose, wont need to get out... will be better
apply this idea !
thumbs up man really like :)
apapun demi kemajuan TC saya selalu mendukung...
TC Die when multi die fact!!! just have a way to salve this game and all know the way back mult back the glorian days in crims back!!!!
What about 1st day when there are no raves?
its will be all about hunting and old player will find a way to have this idea to them advantage and new players will die every day hell yeah lets try it
i approve this idea
like this , may be fun
What about 1 vs 1 (red relation) loterry-random system, no matter how much respeckt youve got, how many cash you have, no matter how strong you are, its all up of your luck, win or lose. Attack anyone
and you gonna see or you were strong enought to beat the opponent , like in real life, never underrestimate somebody in fight.
eu hoje colocaria desta maneira se vc se escreve no chat da luta vc pode lutar automaticamente com uma pessoa de 3k acima ou abaixo do seu respeito...isso evitaria ficar escolhendo adversário quem quer lutar nao escolhe....
I am sorry but I disagree with this idea.
This will make the game increasingly boring and individual.
Give for players what they really want. Go back with old game mode. At the time which The Crims was a wonderful game.
nice idea ;)
It is a good idea, mainly because it is going to make it possible for gangs to exist. People will be less afraid to join a gang. Good idea:)
I totally agree with Pablo, you guys are always ready to find a way to change this game for worst, at least that would be a better game system if we compare with the system we got now. Multi accounts its not only about the winners but its good for everyone, interaction between players with multies is better . I can imagine what will happend with this new idea, best hunters will stick together in gang and they will only accept few guys with power too and then no one can up GA , for those who dont have a good pc or a good internet hunt its a feature that they will never use so they dont have any other way to make stats, someday it will be possible to buy a stats kit xD Give us multi account back. Why? Because this game was more funny that way, people would have more interaction... and this game its not only about the winners but yes the majority of the players. This new game feature will make that the top players account 1 2 3 will be the best hunters and will take international positions + top killer position and will be a big big big shit. I was thinking about that this could be good but no way this will have big a negative impact on more then 70% of the players.
change is good :))
COOL! Good idea!
everyone is saying its good without having a break to think about the consequences, that is the problem of this game, players agree or disagree but never arguee about it.
@ F92xSTRYxRxIRON : I can imagine what will happend with this new idea, best hunters will stick together in gang and they will only accept few guys with power too and then no one can up GA , for those who dont have a good pc or a good internet hunt its a feature that they will never use so they dont have any other way to make stats, - And what have we now? Now we have same situation bro, best hunters from start are robbing & hunting in one gang and nobody could up because all are killed by them. Then its too late to fight for top, when they will start hunting in small gangs..

This idea is great with linking to other changes, what will make GANGS more usable than now, i proposed totally redefine Gangs System at this topic:

Please, check it and lets discuss about my idea too :)
I totally agree with the new ideea. Please apply it!!
Good change...also, the nightclubs of the inactive players should be automatically deleted if the player didnt use it for abouat 2 real days.
fucking best idea! want this implemented asap!
Ive answered question in main post regarding nightclubs at the beginning. There is also a way in which we could keep respect limits in place which would be a big help to new players. Please keep the feedback coming.
good idea. very good idea = one IP many many accounts ;)
Very good idea. Only the strongest and the smartest player would win the game. LOVE IT
Rabbits are must backs t his game :D Fuck others shit ideas :*
+1 I support this . A very good idea
Good idea :)
Well, the best hunter will gain respect and top1 killer, the game will be empty, boring ... we will not be able to do 1x1 acc! We will not get to spend / buy credits, why not be necessary. stupid idea!!!
Its shit.
excelent idea
trash idea . stupid ideia
you guys are crazy! trash idea
Man I beg for everyone who is reading this idea to think about on the side effects of this before they aprove or disaprove. This is TheCrims and soon will become TheHunters and soon will be The Forever alone game!
Hey guys, why this is a bad idea, why this could kill the game? Single account doesnt mean team account. Now doesnt matter how good you are, especially when you make 100k day 10 and there is a team who can pull up same day one/two accounts with at least 200-300k, this is giving to ALL players the same possibility to win, not only to those who have a team. Many of you will be worry about robberies, there is a new event peace day which is giving the possibility to do single/gang robberies without the risk to be assaulted.
great idee, will be able from what round? 100? :)):))
STUPID IDEA ! FUCK nOOb ! ;@ What is this your idea?
You better talk to MEMOX to leave out of the AIR PLAY!
Instead of leaving the game with these CHANGES what you want!
leave everything like now
Well, the best hunter will gain respect and top1 killer, the game will be empty, boring ... we will not be able to do 1x1 acc! We will not get to spend / buy credits, why not be necessary. stupid idea!!!
peace day is only 5 or 6 times a round when not peace day, no one will be able to steal in peace, will always be dead
who had this idea? at least not playing the crimes. stupid idea
already had a shitty day creates peace, now want to come up with this stupid idea, think of something better to improve the game, whichever way Ill never play
I dont like this idea, this game need play in team , with friends and strategy, dont change this =p
Sounds good for me :D
kLjkjJkljlkjJklj: you can still have friends, do robberies in the same gang, hunting in the same gang. You will need a good strategy to get a good place, not only hunting or do robberies, if this idea will be implemented there will be other ways to make money or the actual ideas will be changed.
Iuri: 5-6 times with the actual system, but that number can be changed to 10-20 events. I see many stupid idea but not only one explanation why this isnt good, maybe because you are afraid that you cant get top without the help of your friends.
i dont like this idea leave everything like now.
Vash I see everyone saying this is good without arguee. Is this good? they thumb up say its ok and not even explain why this is good? At least people who disagree come and say why this is not, at least people like me that dont want this game to became extremely non sociable....
This will make the game increasingly boring and individual.
this is what i been waiting for ... and hope it will go into the game ... that will help keep a gang for whole round players wont be scared to get milked at night, big YES from me !!!
idea of ​​all noob idea that the player and to fuck this game like the idea of ​​not falling in drug trafficking q so loose he wants benefits why he uses a bot
Flavio, there is no need to argue if they agree since this idea was made to make the game single account and give to all players the possibility to win, this isnt just an idea because there are many points why and how to implement it, they can add something if they think this idea is good but is/isnt need to add/remove other features
xspake: why will be boring ? btw this idea is made to eliminate teams, not to create them.
well, who win top1, will win topkiller and topgg, because who does more stats, will have more factories and can put more whores, and will be able to steal the ggs, with protection, for supposedly almost anyone will have stats for punch, for those who have, are in gg with him
I do not know why in this poll after another had the overwhelming majority wanted back if q multi account and the idea was simply ingnorada as the cover system that tabém was removed from each qo game had good things
vash and even a donkey will end up with the gang now wants to end up with the same teams that want to play are the botters or their boyfriends
and NO won the vote would change anything, you do not remember voting for multi acc back? look what Frazer said about multi acc
IURI >>> well, who top1 win, and will win topkiller topgg, because who does more stats, will have more factories and can put more whores, and will be able to steal the ggs, with protection, is supposedly almost anyone will have stats for punch, for Those who have, are in gg with him
no matter who wins the vote, yes or no, this will be implemented in the game anyway
Iuri: isnt same thing now? who has more helpers get top, even if he doesnt know how to play, even if he dont hunt. There are many guys who get top just because they have 20 helpers and someone who is smart and fast cant beat him because nobody is donating him stats.
LQI that is true, I hope vash, Igogo, and the rest of the adm look at who plays the crimes with other eyes that our opinion counts for real, this idea may even have a foundation, however it is not a good idea, analyze best
thecrims trash game without rabbits ! who have good team old rabbits season they win ! who have good team one a ccou nt they winn. thecrims was always team game
always coming new shit
rabbits are must back ! thecrims for enjoy game
your opinion means something xspake, if didnt there wouldnt be any poll, or we wouldnt be here asking why isnt a good idea, this doesnt mean all ideas are good.
most seem to choose the worst ideas for they lay in practice
I do not agree about the mult, always agree with you, however this idea that you guys have now been absurd, so Ive seen many players vote for mult and you do not come back, and had votes and everything else ... what I think this idea was not the best and after the crimes ever since the beginning has always been team game
You will lose many players with this new idea of you, including me will not play anymore, all rounds tou spending credits, millions of credits .. But with this new idea will not go over your account login, many players already left because I remember a few rounds atraz were 9000 people online, 5000, now only have a maximum of 500 people, and you guys want this new rule?
This isnt about multi account, all posts about this subject will be deleted.
I think that we can put no limits for training because its kinda booring if cant train much harder then maybe some players come back again and then you can win or lost much much more stats and it will be great for 1vs1 in fight club because then much people dont have that stupid inteligence and charisma and in same level you can prove that you are the best 1vs1 hunter:)
10000 people was online because all of players had rabbits and they was online in same time:d
i dont like this idea like it / then hunting just in rendmos will be boring
but why not you go in raves too its no need all time to be in fight club you can hunt faster in raves then if no like fc fighting
TheRockTM: 10000 accounts, not players, in the last rounds there were about 3-4k ppl, 5-10 accounts each players so if we do some math there is quite same amount of players online as before. also if you didnt read fight club will be removed.
but why removed man in raves yes its interesting but anyway all new players will lost and die fast but what you say about my idea for training it need to put no limits for training tell me your things:)
i mean train every time like it was first time when training appeared
It COULD be a good idea if we want many of them doing training and not being online playing. If you dont need 10 min to buy drugs you dont need to worry much about get assaulted.
good idea...ViMpiRe
yeah you can train all day when train and just get some cash for put training again and log out or read something in the square:)
Good Idea Jhonny
Vash: But when fight club will be removed?and when the other ideas what will be agreed or is agreed will appear?
thats Great ..
Yes, those features will be added on beta since most of them are only about bonuses.
yes i am playing beta too and testing what is appeared new thats 10 credits in start is good and about mean machine and nomex are good because some part of people dont like to spend money every round to buy weapons better is to work hard and earn money for those weapons:)
Vash if this features will comes up live you might think about leting two ppl play on sam ip like two brother or in my case me and my girl, max two ppl on one ip no actions between those accounts, like proper family play system something like that
no dude someone can use this for cheat and make a second acc:s
curti muito a ideia - i like the idea
I said once and i will say again is TOTALLY SHIT IDEA... THIS WILL KILL FOREVER THIS GAME.... back game like rounds 24 - 28 best rounds ever!!! now is shit just robb all motor gang and thats all blahh so fucking shit... Think before acting!!!!!!
but i think that its good to put the game like corleone said 24-28 round , that was a so fucking best game :X :X :X
super idea it is so bad to play with teams round by round... u play so much but u loose because u have no team as 1st place winner have
but if you dont have you should find partners!Anyway top 1 player offcorse is the best teame because he want be the only and one winner if you would have a bigest team you win whats the problem then!If no team play with frend or frends and even with that much help you can win if you got a talent!
bullshit.. when the game changed the power of the guns in percentage, when finished with the raves like flamingo (till 1000 respect), come with this theorie, how to make a balanced game, You dont want to favor groups preforms, with this theory, has weapons with power based in stats !!. guns are equal in the world.
When the crew play, how do you want a balanced game.?when some crew is onder this gangs, how do you want honesty in the game?.
Im here till the end. LIke a rolling stones song.. timee is on my side, yes it is.. lol. sucess.
A another idea i think need to make raves what was before when all go in 200 resp 300-500 and 500-1k resp it was best because every people can earn good stats but now that raves isnt work even if i had donated stats and my respect was 500 i wrote that rave nick and i press enter but i cant that stupid:(
What i do notice from the feedback is that the ones against the idea, are the ones already part of football teams. :D
eu gosto da ideia tb...
nice idea :D
mudar pra ver se o jogo fica mais parelho...
Multi accs generate more credits. You should split the server in two: For those who like multi accs and for those who dont like. I am sure that the multi accs server will generate more profits for the crew. Unfair is those guys who have ten pcs at home, each one with one IP starting with so many accounts against others who just have only one pc, one IP.
I VOTE NO for this idea. Much better is to split the players in random fixed gangs at the beggining of the game. Making more friends in the game will make players to want to play more time.
Frazer2k4: What do you mean i realy dont understand:s
What i do notice from the feedback is that the ones against the idea, are the ones already part of football teams. :D

i notice it as well...
nao ha competiçao se sempre os mesmos ganham.
Frazer you seem to be a funny guy why you dont try to be a commedian? 1 day u were playin in a football team too or now that u are crew you forgot it ? Lol cheers ;)
This is good idea only when between accounds from one IP or MEC will be some rules permition.
accouns cant attack between, can not been in one gang, if one accound will be active/ loged in the others will be log off.

this idea need deeper analyzes.
we need test that idea ... put in next round in beta ...
Everyone should have the chance to go up, so I think it is a very good ideea because actual top killers wont have 4k kills anymore based on donation. If you are good hunter, you dont expect people to donate kills to you. Please aplly this new ideea as soon as possible! :*
And its an YES
I agree, Vote YES!
I agree with estepe. The real problem is; how to keep the game interesting for those who come in the middle of the round and get killed ten times or more?
The idea is to make a game which is possible for anyone to win ROFL ROFL ROFL
@ ICorleoneI : And who blames me for it? Its true its the ONLY way to win top 5 in this game FACT ;) Hence why this idea has been brought up. Everyround the teams get bigger and bigger. It blows the whole point of the game away, as at the end its simply about who u can beg the most donations from.
yes !!!I agree, Vote YES!
Frazer try to think man.. But your idea is good but for another game. This game is for
Drugs, Stats (hunt) , robs ( money and stats).. alone you cant do all this stuffs. And thats why team battles were the best ones... Remeber old time man. Even that i wasnt a big player i loved to see te last days battles for top1-2-3-4-5 and nowadays this places are known since day 100.. Never mind regards man!
Its worth trying it out for 1-3 rounds, then the changes can be undone if the majority doesnt like it. Just try it out, its something new and exciting.
eu apenas dou risadas com essas ideias --
I agree with the idea.
This will not happen due to the fact that the winner will always be the player with the most accounts, the most amount of time and the largest number of players in their team
This will not happen because servers costs too much.

I like this idea more than this i see now.
i agree aswell
Lets Go ... Make sure you not ban a true ID like me ... Thanks
its a good idea.. but still, its impossible to stop players from milking to teamplayer, it will only slow down things.
by doing this not only you will make people spend more time playing (is it possible?) but you will also break the concept of teamplay, making it funnier to who joins but really boring to people who like to play with friends.


[ and btw whats the point of making new rules if the system only cares about who spends more money instead of more time? u solve the hint :* ]
i approve this idea =)
forget the good idea. it isnt

instead of it

- you could raise stats on trainning and being able to make it more times.
- you could low (a bit) the money in robberies and raise the price of drugs, making it more expensive and harder to get them
- raise the number of boats too (and dont tell me its random)
- buildings should produce less drugs
- hookers are ok
- red relations and admin raves are great for a better experience to whoever likes the game, dont ruin it;
but if you do, on random raves you could make appear on TOP active raves AT THAT MOMENT, giving the opportunity to hunt top players (stats) and noobs (kills)
doing this, you can still pass stats to other players but you will always take the risk of someone appearing to F$CK up your plans
- you could make it a bit more mmorpg, being possible to raise % of strenght, tolerance, intelligence, charisma (again, maybe on trainnings?) using ONLY a huge ammount of cash, making the player less prepared for a wealthy round (profession levels are a bit different of this)
- more missions on alley, giving the player the opportunity to dont get sick of robbing all the time

just some ideas, some can be good and some cant, its up to you to put it on your own style.

if this idea approve, dissolve the GG ROB too, because, TC Player will not need the team
Welcome to Individual Game Online, just like FARM VILLE
we Need TC to express our Criminal Soul on our other side (devil)
i think, most of TC player more enjoy and fun when they play as a team
i agree with CaptainsmOker. i cant imagine that TC will be idividual game. we like to play as team, that is more fun. and playing as team make us know other player in game life or real life. that has more advantage than playing as individual
i agre with F92xSTRYxRxIRON too. the player that saying yes didnt give argue. as you all know, you can see that TC will more fun if all players playing as a team. the people that saying no is top inter and top killer
i will agree with this idea if the winner will be given MISS BLONDE in real life! this will give us more advantage! =)) =)) =))
ONLY RABBITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK ONE ACCOUNT HAHAHAHAHA
bullshit, fraser forget tell us , the winners from this shit is the gangs of the crew, years after years, and the guys aprove the idea is the guys , work in this jmjafia, like flaviom risadinha, vesh,, yah, want one acc because, can come a stranger and win this shit, with more than acc, king is right kkk.
fuck off bitch. ahh and who buy credits is donkey.
głupi pomysł pozdrawiam
jak wy będziecie zmieniać tak ta grę to jeszcze trochę i nikt nie będzie w nią grał
YES. I liked the idea, so vain inexperienced players can play longer and people will never die the first time you get into a nightclub. and so give up playing.
Basically I agree with this idea of this pooling, which is to balance the chances between top and new player.
To achieve that there are things need to be considered for the sake of all players and crews :

1. As a top player, keep playing this fun game with the freedom of Hunting and Gang Rob pleasure. But not to forget how to accomodate noob presents to this game.
2. As a newbie , learning how to be a top player and feel the essence of Crims itself. Just remember that all top players comes from newbie too.
3. Crims Crew , to provide the best experienced and fair game for all players and keep the money coming to fund more development.

Btw , I dont think removing the Admin raves and showing only active raves in the nightclub is a good idea, no good hunt can be done especially at Indonesia day time, which has the smallest number of online players (less than 150 players and not all of them has their own rave) and by doing that there will no more save rave for new player.
Agree with buncitman
deixem-se de argumentos pk isto não é uma democracia isto é 1 jogo com fins lucrativos e quem não quer cumprir as regras de quem manda não logue,aos mods e restantes membros da crew,fiscalizem que é para isso que vos pagam.
i agree
I agree.. And if I may say something.. To stop donating stats through Fight Chat.. U could make something so that no to users can fight twice on the same day..
The truth is that many things to improve, and this thing of multi accounts this is ridiculous because it has to know hunting because it is as I said those who have more time you will have more advantages I think that there should be this same and I am in agreement with changes in spite of that the winners are there because they know how to play and play as a team and did not see anything wrong play in team in truth many are criticizing because they want to have multi accounts thing noob this story more there is good change and we will see on that.
500 players online and you want redesigne hunt system? Remove rave, put only randomly rave? Are you fucking crazy? Who gave you so stupid ideas? OK do this, make we must play 5h to find one red, and of course this change does not eliminate the possibility transfer stats using Rave, smart guys know about it.

You kill multi, now you try kill hunt and team cooperate. What next, remove game? Do what you want, destroy this game more than it is now, your game your problem. But if you want some more cash that now run old system in other server (with multi and all nice stuff what we have) and leave the server alone, without crew, without any support (only fix bug). You will see what all palyers think about your change and how many from them migrate to this new (old) server.
how we climb the stamina without raves adms no começo?
Boa ideia vai da maior equilíbrio ao jogo!
Nice !
regarding to my connection speed and i dont like losing the fight club i dont like this idea, but we can try it one round only.
stupid idea like multiaccount come back! I think the winner should be the one who can build the best team during the round!
@tlj - Everyone of those reasons you give is in favour of teams and each round we will continue to see 11 players donating to one account for top international positions.
Well as increase endurance and hunting since it will not look to the raves?
But it is a good idea, maybe just help players that do not have fixed gang, lets look at round 70
think before considering such radical measures should be thinking about improving the quality of the game, has 500 users online and terrible lag, stop inventing rules and begin to preocuar with the structural part of the times fall short
think before considering such radical measures should be thinking about improving the quality of the game, has 500 users online and terrible lag, stop inventing rules and start worrying about the structural times that fall short
@Frazer2k4 yes ofcourse, thats the point of playing thecrims, you cant (and you shouldnt) win it by yourself.. teamplay is the best way of playing TC
Frazer my bro, u had one nice idea. I follow you because, if game its with one account = 1 player win, and not one team win. For teams play you need back multi accounts. One team that have 50 players its how one team have multi with 50 rabbits.
I think this idea need be fixed so fast in round 70. Because game its down or back multi acc.
follow u
I agree good idea..winsh
yes sure Frazer thats great great idea cause in this case every one will have equall chance and fair enough..actually Frazer 50% of players lave thecrims cause of this teams cheatings..really thats fair idea and MORE THAT GREAT ONE..and its great that all players like this new idea and ONLY CHEATERS not happy cause this idea is fair..fianlly the good player will have chance to win FINALLY..thanks so much Mr frazer for that new great idea.
Any idea is valid for no more transfers of stats.
thefts soils should gain more stats.
And the gang robberies should be only 3 or 4 or 5 members at most.
So you can always steal gang with your friends.
Sometimes the guy knows only 5 players and not 15 players.
So would most gang fighting over top.
These ideas seem good, everything is valid to try to prevent players stats pass between them.
Each must have its own stats ..
And the intention of the change is great, always comes from the same win the top, if not the same, is the friend of the same, theyre going to complain about the idea, plus they are a minority. 90% of The crims will like it. People do not have the ability to play alone, and make your own stats alone, hence need help amigos.Logo being benefited by terceiros.E who loses:? who plays alone .. Camels and camel trainer vain cry over just at first, then they used to.
the winner should be the smartest and the oe who doalot of effort and play clean..really thats idea is the best since the game started..and in this case all players will have the hope to win and also stay online long time and make the game much better..REALLY thats very nice idea Frazer
Queremos o fim dos camelos kakakakaka
Why this idea it isnt implemented yet
yeah !! add it to the game .. next round ....
That would be the worst idea ever!!! Only players who actually know how to play and understand the game can see it. I used to play 7 years ago, came back this round and was surprised how boring the game became. Its all very individual now, there is very little interaction between players and Ive been mainly spending my tickets on solo robberies.

I would like to suggest that if there is no possibility of playing with multiple accounts, each player should have his own rabbit included in his main account, which he could train as he would do to his main character and it could be used for gang attacks.

I cant possibly believe that people are actually playing this game just to be top 1. At least for me it was about the fun, building relationships with players that you could trust and getting screwed in the meantime but trusting the wrong guys.

This is a game about fucking criminals, we need rabbits back, we need to attack people weve established relationships with. The way things are going the players will feel safe walking around CrimCity because they will know the chances of something bad happening are very low. Everybody will be sitting in front of their computers doing solo robberies until they get fucking bored and move to another game.

Bring the action back to the game. Although I think is ridiculous for someone to waste time creating 20 accounts, I do believe there is a way to introduce a rabbit linked to the main account, that would sure bring the fun back to game.

Make it about interactions, thats what keep players entertained, not robbing, refilling, robbing, refilling. Everybody knows there used to be way more player in the past. Look at it now.

Think about it.
greaT IDEEA!! this way n3nd and his rabbits cant milk his team no more! mwahhahah cya next round noobS!
*The Fightclub would need to be either removed OR redesigned so that teams are no able to directly transfer stats between friends accounts.

Like setting limits between assaulter and assaulteds respect. :D

And Prostibul3iro, there will be more team work once there isnt any milking. Only people who actually think will get it.
I dont want to hunt, I only want to robb by myself
My advice to every attack for the winner will only get 10% of the stat is missing from id lose, for Example A attacking B and B loses
7710 Intelligence, Charisma 7095, 6146 Strength, Tolerance 5391, the stat will be A only 10% of its course, as well as gang attacks, so every player will think back to move stat
407 agreed wow ..the biggest nUMBER voted for any supject EVER tilL now ..GREATTTT
excellent. I hope this is added.
How soon will it be implemented Frazer ? tell us the estimate delivery time , the sooner the better , next round ??
Yes God
my dick is better than you idea .. you killed this game :)
i think it is not good idea really ,, bcz it will make this game limited in some players who have good connection and never can make good team it will be so hard ,, i think if crew members need make this game hard to win that need more good idea than this ,, maybe reback this idea to make some changes on it maybe more players agree it :S:S
Another common complaint is that the winner of each round is always a team so who disturb to create a team for new ppl ? if some idiots cant find a team its not our problem? LEAVE IT EVERYTHING same like now , just change gang top with respect,not points..
Nao limitar tanto os tickets para entrada em raves seria otimo.. Muitos reclamando disso.
sounds like a good idea
i hate play alone ,, i think this game will be much boring so try found more good idea please
Yes, Nice!
Sim assim o jogo ia ter mais sentindo sem falar que ia ser muito mais justo...
fuck this idea. better play than mafiawars - its gonna be the exact copy, though mafiawars was inspired by thecrims... its funny hopw each game is trying to copy each other, isnt it? :)) anyway, fuck this idea! :)