New Gang System (something like guilds in other games)

Gang system:

To create a gang, we should finish a Quest in The Alley called Cooperation Start, after which we can create our OWN gang or join gangs of other players.

Requirements: 100 respect, 5.000$ in Cash (not in Bank), item „Gangsters Band” (to be dropped from single robberies (Shoplift to Taxi, chance for drop 25% per every one robbery, could be selled to other players at Black Market while somebody cant drop it much time, prices imo should be like some kind of auctions).

Step first: Earn 5.000$ money and give a bribe to Crime City Government to start your gangster activity.

Step two: Find Gangsters Band and get a respect from other players who arent so lucky like You.

After create or join to existing gang, we will see page „Gang Headquarter”, in which Leader & Investors/Strategists (about them i will explain all later) have access to Gang Treasure Money, they could build up HQ Level, although other buildings of this gang, which will give members concret benefits. So, we can start from first important thing:


Titles of gang members, its way for reward most active gangsters by giving them special functions , for example to manage Gang Treasure, to start negotiations about Gangs Duels and to invite and kick from gang, every title can be given only 2 times (except Leader title):

Leader - manage all gang, name it, choose kind of gang (robbing/hunting/investing), have all features of other titles , except bonuses from kind of gang.

Headhunter (needed profession : Gangster) - he can recruit players to gang and plan gang duels.

Investor/Strategist (needed profession : Buisnessman) - have possibility to spend Gang Money for build up their buildings and for playing at Stock Exchange (we need to put it into game to diversify strategies of spending money and multiply them), moreover, when leader choose INVESTING kind of gang, you have 25% chance to double money on Stock Exchange.

Sticky Hands (needed profession : Robber) - when rob is planned by him and gang is ROBBING kind , all participants of robbery get 20% more money from every make of it.

Ruthless Murderer (needed profession : Hitman) - while hes planning assault vs other player/gang, who is/are weaker than assault participants, they are 50% chances to kill this gang/player even if they/he havent got 2x or more stats than them (it needs HUNTING kind of gang)

Rocco Sifredi (needed profession : Pimp) , when he is member of gang, every day they 25% chances to have (only for this gang) special group robbery which will give 3-5 random hookers (every fifth robbery)


a) Gang HQ - on it will depend amount of players who could be invited to gang and group robberies able to do. We have got Level 1 at default while we created gang.
I propose 3 levels of all buldings, in this case:
- Level 1 (default) ; Active Robberies : Forex, Bank, Value Transport ; Amount of members - 5
- Level 2 ; Active Robberies : Federal reserve, Steven Seagull, Manipulate Stock Market ; Amount of members - 10 ; Price : 10.000.000 $
- Level 3 ; Active Robberies : Al Capone, Drugs Factory, Fuckingham Palace & unique gang robberies for Gangster & Pimp (while he have „Rocco Sifredi” title) ; Amount of members - 18 ; Price : 300.000.000 $
- Level 4 ; Active Robberies : Gill Bates, Casino Royal, Fort Knox ; Amount of members - 25 ; Price : $

Money for building up Leader & Investors/Strategists will have from Gang Treasure, a place to which will be sent 10% of every robbery earnings. It should be automatic proccess, to limit abusing & pumping up any gang with big amount of money from top players. More buildings will be:

b) Gang Library, place where criminals could study for be more clever (bonus for intelligence while they are in gang):
- Level 1 ; Intelligence +10% ; Price : 500.000.000 $
- Level 2 ; Intelligence +20% ; Price : $
- Level 3 ; Intelligence +30% ; Price : $

c) Gang Gym, place of build up our muscles, and cheat with steroids to be more powerful bandits:
- Level 1 ; Strength +10% ; Price : $
- Level 2 ; Strength +20% ; Price : $
- Level 3 ; Strength +30% ; Price : $

d) PUA Hooking up Study, way for upping your charisma to be admired by all Hookers and getting money from them:
- Level 1 ; Charisma +10% ; Price : 500.000.000 $
- Level 2 ; Charisma +20% ; Price : $
- Level 3 ; Charisma +30% ; Price : $

e) Survival Camp, with Rambo you can learn fantastic art of survival under fire, what will up your tolerance:
- Level 1 ; Tolerance +10% ; Price : $
- Level 2 ; Tolerance +20% ; Price : $
- Level 3 ; Tolerance +30% ; Price : $

f) Drugs Lab, place where after much experiments you succeed to reconstruct all drugs:

Level 1 – 500.000 of every drug for every member of gang daily, it will cost 1.500.000.000 $
Level 2 – 1.000.000 of every drug for every member of gang daily, it will cost $
Level 3 – 2.000.000 of every drug for every member of gang daily, it will cost $

Gang points reaching:

Most important factor will be in this case Gangs Buildings, upped at maximal level will make big gang points. Important will be too how much robberies are made together in gang, if they were robberies with stable squad of members (about „trust members” i will write more in Gang Duels part) and any Quests, Gang Duels and time of gang existance. Less importance will have statistics of members, it is nescessary to limit making top gang at last day with accounts only from Top who didnt cooperated together earlier so much.

The base to next calculations is this system:

Forex as the weakest robbery will give us 1 Gang Point, they require 2 players with 70 robbery power (important for next calculations), what results with 140 robbery power required to rob.
Next: Bank require 2 players with 120 robbery power, so in result it is 240 robbery power, and here we divide total robbery power needed on Bank by total robbery power needed on Forex – it give us rounded 2 Gang Points.

When were following this scheme, other values (with actual robbery power requirements) are:

Value Transport – 5 Gang Points
Federal Reserve – 47 Gang Points
Steven Seagull – 200 Gang Points
Manipulate Stock Market – 550 Gang Points
Al Capone – 904 Gang Points
Drugs Factory – 1571 Gang Points
Fuckingham Palace – 2357 Gang Points
Gill Bates – 3943 Gang Points
Casino Royal – 7500 Gang Points
Fort Knox – 16000 Gang Points

Same like here, we can calculate how much GPs will we get from robberies during events like Police Reinforcement or robberies like Warren Buffett or Oil Tycoon in Dubai. Important: for every robbery in which min. 75% of participants will have „trust member” status, gang will get 25% more points than normally. While during robberies will be some cover, every robbery will give 50% less points than normally.

When we come to buildings, points from them introduce are the following: build up every building (except HQ) at first level, will give to gang 10% of points which gang owned at moment of building, similarly with 2 & 3 level , but then will give 20% & 30%.

Time of Gang Existance, here it is more complicated. Every new TC day, gang will receive 1% of points that it earned last day multiplied by amount of Gang Existance days.

For example: if gang was created at first TC day, and at day 65 it earned 100.000 points, then from ToGE it would receive 65.000 points.

Statistics... So, in my opinion it is hard to make all players happy, thats the reason to not counting them for gang points, because as we all know, they are from our joint activities.

Leaving gang by players

In this case, every one left of gang by player, will result of losing 4% GP, when gang is left by player with „trust member” status, gang will lose only 2% points. When leader will kick somebody out of gang, these % will be doubled.


Every setback on any robbery means taking back from gang amount of points what they normally should receive for robbery multiplied by amount of participants required to make this robbery. So, if were making CR & we are busted, we will lose 15*75000=1125000 points.

Gang Duels

Place, where Leader and Headhunters of each gang are able to set group duels between gangs, it needs to choose 5,10 or 20 members of gang to this fight, formula of it will be: S1a+T1a+S2a+T2a+...+10%Ia vs S1b+T1b+S2b+T2b+...+10%Ib

S1a - Strength of Player nr 1 from gang A
T1a - Tolerance of Player nr 1 from gang A
10%Ia - 10% of Intelligence all team from gang A who are chosen to duel
S1b - Strength of Player nr 1 from gang B
T1b - Tolerance of Player nr 1 from gang B
10%Ib - 10% of Intelligence all team from gang B who are chosen to duel

Winners gang will get 10% gang points of losers gang. Important to not abuse it is to block choosing to duels players, who just join gang in 24h or less before planning duel. Of course it will be possible to change Duel Squad for this 24 hours before start fight, but only with members who were members of this gang while it was planned. Players who will be chosen to GD wont have to be online at moment of duel, raport from it would be easy to read in Gang Reports (Email is nescessary to divide by 2 sections – Gang Reports and Single Messages). We can also think about allow Duels for money from Treasure or unique items which is owned by members of gang, but its topic to more work about it. And now, really significant information:

Every member of gang, who will participate in minimal 5 Duels per round and is participating all round in minimal 50% of gang robberies, become automatically „trust member” of it. It results all about i wrote earlier + he can leave gang and go back instantly, normal member will be forced to wait for this possibility 1 Day of TC. And another one, very important thing too: only trust members of gang will be able to get medals for Top 1 – Top 3 Gang.

Gang Achievements

Just Tab, in which we can see all successes of gang , for example Newspaper Day xx with making best cash from Robbery or be in newspaper any member of gang, winning duels with other gangs etc... We can refine it and create more achievements, they could result with extra bonuses, especially when we talk about gang quests, what we need like fish need water! But this isnt work for me, i probably described all that i had to.

Regards, Kowcyk.

Every setback on any robbery means taking back from gang amount of points what they normally should receive for robbery multiplied by amount of participants required to make this robbery. So, if were making CR & we are busted, we will lose 15*7500=112500 points.

Sorry for my mistake :) And i really invite you to give your feedback and suggestions about this idea. Lets discuss :)
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