Sugestão Raud 69 ou 70

First suggestion is to eliminate assistance from third parties, there is no point where a rule can not play with more than one account, more can be helped by a player 10 or 20 players (famous camels) that literally makes no sense.

Another suggestion is for theft and FK gangs Virtual Casino, why?
Why there are only a maximum of two gangs in the game, and only players who are these gangs will get through the level.

And my opinion about the game is that you do not end up with the camels the game will end.
While there are players that sell for creditos gangs or be camels, will never have more than two gangs in the game, a gringa and a Brazil / Portugal.

While there is buying and selling by creditos stats or medals, always the same players will win the game, then new players quit the game due to lack of competitiveness.

While there is outside help for single player also goes missing competitiveness.
Sem querer votei errado, votei negativo enquanto era pra ser positivo. As idéias são muito boas...
RAUD É FODA CARA, usa o tradutor que tu se sai menos ruim cara
I would love to understand! Such a mess kkkkk
more training during the day
ei aumenta os treinos durante o dia treinar uma vez so e muito ruim acho que ano retrasado esse jogo era melhor