this system of gang poits makes few players leader of all gang statistics, they can manipulate gang medals as they want, no more competition in gang top, so why there is medal when you cant compete? So BRING BACK OLD STYLE - gang respect!
I agree with you for shure
lol players can manipulate this system? Let me tell you one thing u can get 17 guys and rob fk as much as u can :) then u can win.. With respect its simple, where top players join, will win..... Always the same winners this way we see new winners every single round, PT has done some top ggs with this system BR too, polish too, romanian too... In the past only devil and its legacy was able to win the top gg and who is not friend of leaders
will not get top gg
now when basic is single robberies respect differences arent so big , so there are many people with high respect. So it isnt dependable on top players, some of top players arent alies so they wont join same gang maybe...