Items - Easier to use & Inconveniences

Ill use ##### for new subject, * for the basic idea and // for the details.

##### Easier to use

* Stack all items of the same type into only one row.
// Its only the 34th day and i have to scroll 4-5 pages to reach my Talismans. I dont really use radio jammer or steroids as much as i get from the robberies, so they cumulate and are kind of in the way. (Thanks God for the stackable redbulls :D)

* The items should have their own section, separate from the Arms dealer.
// The place where the items are its hard to be found. Especially if someone has more weaponds or armors.

* Add a quantity of Redbulls one wants to consume at ones choice.
// Its annoying to scroll down, hit activate, wait for the page to refresh and do it all over again. So it would be easier to just write the number of redbulls you need and click activate.

##### Inconveniences

* More specific details at itemss description.
// I, for one, dont even know what is the normal recovery, so it would help to add to Your stamina will recover 50x faster for 10 minutes how much will it take to recover 99% energy, so that people can use this item at full potential.
// What is the chance for getting an item at a successuful robbery? Does this chance increase with the difficulty of the robbery? What is the chance of getting a specific item at a successuful robbery?
// The Police radio Jammer has nothing specific, the chances of succes at a single robbery do not change and i for one am not willing to use this item and risk losing % of skill and cash. I thing there might be a few people who will agree.

* Item expiration warning
// There is a warning right at the moment when the item expires, but it would be better if you could move it 5-10 seconds sooner. When using steroids to reach 100% chances of success at a single robbery, theres always the possibility of getting busted right when the item expires.