You are stopped by two steady looking police officers. They want you to answer their questions and wont let you go until they are satisfied with your answer. ( reCAPTCHA™ - stop spam. read books. )

It takes time once in a while to type that difficult-to-read long text. Its okay with me to type it once, twice or a little bit more than a couple of times. But as it is now - really annoying. So please do remove the reCAPTCHA or replace the LONG HARD-TO-READ TEXT with a SHORT TEXT or would be even better replace it with JUST A FEW NUMBERS instead. Thanks.

best Regards,
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Ya Ya, long text is ridiculous, horrible lyrics to understand, do not know why these bad lyrics
Recaptcha is controlled by a third party and we have no influence over how long or short the texts should be. Right now I see no alternative.
without recaptcha, players like you will use auto click! Then must have the captcha
your idea is a trash mtf ¬¬