Preventing botting/NASA PCs with a simply timer.

Not everybody has a NASA computer to attack others in 0.3 seconds. What I suggest is: when 2 players meet in a club they will have a relation with each other( so they will be able to attack) AFTER 3 seconds. I think this is the best option to make the game even for everybody and to stop these players who use scripts/bots or NASA computers or 20gb/s internet connection aliens from distracting our 32mb video card 64 ram 10mb/s net connection players.
Cmon nobody agrees that you should stay 3 seconds in the same night club with the player before attack him or the other way around?
I agree, sometimes I hardly press the button to get into the club before Im killed. -.-
Disagree. Because in 3 seconds i could overdose 3 times.. hahaha. BAD IDEA!
NASA Computers... have you been on dope when youve posted this post?
No, not on dope on your mother!