changes in this round

This round discourages smaller players, at raves can´t see limit of respect, is much more difficult for a small player can get players of the same level.
The fact of not being able to call players to hit the ga, is another thing that took out the game strategy, would be better to have added some sort of time limit to give ga as in raves.
It is only fucking pay2win game...i tried find 5 players to kill for level, but every time i meet only players with buyed milions respect. And one time, i get killed 2 times in 30 second, very balanced game. Fuck this shit
Totally agree. The Crims is getting killed.... with such updates. No freakin chance to improve unles you are an early player sitting here 24 hrs/day. In addition to that - only bouncers are in advantage I believe...