Suggestions how to improve gameplay regarding new rounds changes

Hi, I want to share my suggestions how to improve game for all of us!

Suggestions how to balance professions.

At the moment we see that hitman is the best profession. I think these changes should be done to balance professions:

- Increase robbers, businessmans, and pimps, gangsters statistical changes from robberies and decrease hitmans.
- Allow trainings for all levels
- Decrease statistical changes in case of attack:
Victims should not lose much statistics as much is possible make in one day by robbing. Because its doesnt make sense that robber or other professions account loses day long profit per one assault. At the moment we are very far from proper balance! This is one of the reasons why players feels upset and leaving game.

Suggestion how to balance newbies, intermediates and experts gameplay.

I want to be honest and tell you that I dont see meanings that newbies players are being killed by expert players. My suggestion is that:

- All players should see clubs list by considering accounts online time and levels so that new players will only meet similar account but not expert who is killing him straight away. There are one more advantage that in late game new player could catch up players who is playing since begin of the round.

Suggestion regarding protection mode.

In game there are many kind of players not just players who loves to hunt but there are and player who loves to play safe and just do crimes and invest. My suggestions is:

- Protection mode should be allowed to extend by credits payments

Well, this is just a small part of what we could change but I see it as useful improvement for all of us. If you are interested please leave your comments below !! Thank you in advance
I might add that I want to give a chance to the new players in order to be champions how if:
1. Every virtual robbery gang his gang there, because I saw it so hard to be a gang member
2. Reduce the stat loss when attacked, because 72 tickets in 1 day tc is not worth the stat loss when attacked
3. How if the higher levels of lavel robbery stat, the more we earn, not measured from the existing stat as it is today, but in the measure of the level of robbery

because the greater the opportunity for new players to be champions in the competition, it will be more and more people play this game, thank you