yellow & red warning cards before banning

yellow & red warning cards before banning
I dont think so its a good idea.
No point to take this idea. All crew sort player who was first banned and who was second .. In this round Crew show all top players can be banec .. nwm they have profs or no .. They just must play and nothing happen.. example .. Osveternos make 10 rabits for open ga .. all him account was baned .. he has baned for 5 days and still plaing .. rule 13 ? is fucking joke.

iit - playining with account using bot .. two rimes this account was baned pernament in this round .. itt still plaining with dirty stats ..

Striker - the same .. alots of dirty stats from baned account ..

Alots of people open protest and sen clear profs for this they are broken rules .. AND ? Still playning . :) So is no poit make this ..

Top players never was baned ... new user go act ga in baned account and fast block without chance explain no chance to continu game ..

So whe is reason ? ... :)
it aint no football game here. you know the rules, obey them! :)