This feature has been implemented

Remove robb that we meeting on raves

we need to remove this robb that u meeting in the rave ,, it make me lose ticket and just one time i robb and it same like another robbs in the list just u can do it with low stamina ,, we need remove it please and do it fast , we lose our tickets and that = lose our time for nothing :(
this rob is shit take our tickets and we dont rob it fuck it
yes I agree with this
Im totally agree with him , wasting tickets for nothing for some stupid little things which dont help in the game ...
Or everyday everyone get new 200 ticekts :D If you wanna play like that which is not fair:D
yee pls remove it
all players stoped playing now for long time bcz them not have tickets ,, and them will never robb this robbs never :( ,, please remove it fast
never for good ever for bad !! agree