This feature has been implemented

Less Captchas

in single robberies I get minumum of 1 captcha, sometimes in 4 robberies I get 3 captchas. Thats anoying and too much
Totally agree! Simple captchas with two letters is ok, but reCAPTCHA with two words really sucks, because often is hard to understood what is written.
Less, less, less captcha... Its really annoying...
eu quero ativar meu pate papo por favor ofereco 50,000 para ligar
um saco captcha, 10.000 roubos 10.000 captcha
eu quero meus creditos foi debitado e nao foi ativado na minha conta como faço?
عيد سعيد

في إقتراح للعبة ياريت تضيفون سوق سوداء للمخدرات ويتم فيها عرض الأسعار بزيادة لا تتعدى 10% من قيمة السوق راح تعطي دفعة قوية للعبة أرجو دراسة الإقتراح
you need to do somthing about them fukin Captchas .... after 5 mins being afk .. i clicked robberys and Captchas comes up ... how come ???? how fukin come ?
pelo amor de deus, 2 click, 1 captcha. eai????
I have adjusted the amount of captchas shown a bit. Hopefully it will be a bit better!
yeah lol fuck captcha --´´
its make the game more boring
memox no difference ... still same shit as it was before...
made me so bored to play .. plz make it less
So boring... take it easy...