Three clubs per player or random apperance clubs on Nightlife section

As you now see it's almost impossible to do drugs in our clubs. A lot of murders are running in clubs. You can only look on your historic visitors to see that more than 40 person visit our clubs in hour when we are online. I noticed that if I'm online, my club is very often visited. But when i have 2 day break from thecrims then i log in and saw that my club in last 24 hours was visited only couple of times. Why is that ? When we are online, our clubs are very easy to get in, but when we are offline is empty ! First page of clubs it's not random at all ! I think that more activity in club is causing the appearance on first page of nightlife section. So my proposal is:
- change apperanace clubs on nightlife to random. No depending on activity
- player can own 3 clubs so he/she can choose where to do drugs and trying to avoid increased activity

The current system promotes killers. It's to easy to them to hunt ordinary players. While ordinary players are furious because they are killed few times per day !

sorry for my English. i know it's not perfect ;)