An accessory for invisibilty

Though I've seen an idea somewhat similar to that, I need to put forward mine. That is when you enter a nightclub, as you have equipped that accessory you won't get any red contact. That accessory might be bought with credits, or it might be given to you after you've accomplished 50 robberies. The chance of getting it might be less because having it all the time might cause hunters to get bored. However, I believe that there are guys like me who enjoy robbing and have no interest in hunting. Believe me, being attacked all the time because your internet speed is somehow slow, trying to be careful all the time when you enter a night club , trying to get plastic surgery quickly is not enjoying.

This is my idea to apply it on the game, but I'm not saying that it's the only way to do that. Tell me what you think about it and please vote :)
Yes, we both have similar, or I could even say the same ideas. I mostly just come in here to do a couple of single/gang robberies and leave the game.
tambem concordo com essa ideia, nem todos tem interresse de caçar