Delete Gang Points If Gang Is Not Active For Some Time

This days we got gangs that makes gang points on robberys for one day and close the gang then open it again in next day or after few days, but still got the same gang points after closing it (disappear from top gangs list), there are other gangs that got less point but play active much more then gang that is on top1. All it is now just to make as much FK as gang can and close it, which is pointless, my suggestion is why cant we minus points at every day that gang is not active, let say -10% gang point at every unactive TC day for the gang, that will make game more interested more gangs will be playing more activly, every one will have equal chance to make top1 gang. and because gangs will have to play activly more Gang attacks will be done during day, hope you got the point/example. will be nice if developers will share their opinion. its only a example ofcours it would be develped in different more organised way so thats why i wanna know what you think of it.