rewards killers

greater rewards for the best killer,100cred the first place is ridiculous amount,when the minimum spend 3k creds.I would suggest that reward top 1 killers 1500 creds top 2 750 creds top 3 500 creds
Also was already thinking of giving this suggestion, it is difficult to arrive between 3 killers over the TC, but I think pro # 1 Top = 1000; # 2 and # 3 = 750 = 500 and also review the winners and give each 50 for each member of the top gang
Its really difficult get #1 Killer, so this guy need to be more reward. I think.
i agree
mee too
good idea
minimum 3k? 3k only for the 1st week looool 7 8 9 k credits a good round killer