This feature has been implemented

Virtual Gangs for every robberies

My idea is to create a virtual gang for every gang robbery, not only for 7 of this.
yes of course need fk and others
yes man is my idea to
i agree
Good idea
good ideea
Could open the virtual gang cr and fk
cr n fk t0o for virtual
yes. would help the teams with less players
Yeah would be cool
+ wish u could add virtual players to kill cause I cant find players in the clubs
and rarely when I do theyre so damn strong and send me to hospital that makes the game boring
I think the game will be easily than it is already. So I think its a bad idea.
I think we should have some of those robberies as VG but not every single one.. it is challanging this way, when you have to look for the gang on higher levels... OR these VGs could be opened lets say 10/15/20 days after the robbery is available.
it would be nightmare for stryker and n3nd :DD
concordo pq vai depender do jogador em fazer status ,não se ele e amigo de fulano ou de ciclano assim o jogo fica igual pra todos com chances de top ate pra um iniciante! assim valeria a pena investir tempo nisso!
zajibys... pasake ketvirtas :)) AGREE.
crew you must accept this idea because so many people need fk for levels but they cant because top leaders not invite lower people sometimes!
good idea, but need gang for all gg roberys, not for only 7 rob :/
good ideea, you should add this,
good idea ABUCE :)
agree.. try to add fk one round just to see, cuz most of the people could be fighting for top if they could play FK.. there is many people who wont be able to be a top just coz they cant get into a top gg
seria perfeito pra quem quer ser top sem trainagem
for fk, not a good idea
virtual gangs are empty since casino royale is on it... so whats the point to add FK if noobs cant robb it anyway, eh? :D
yeah, really need it
not even cassino should had a virtual gang !! At one point of the game you must chose a gang or play alone T_T
yes, you cant... muahahah :D
""virtual gangs are empty since casino royale is on it... so whats the point to add FK if noobs cant robb it anyway, eh? ""

ok, They are noobs who do not want to rob but not everyone is like that. I also would like to rob fk but hard to get into the gangs that do. I am in favor of introducing a virtual fk. Crew it's free and enjoyable people can play.
That's not good for beginner.
that's good just for old player