Dont take off kills what i made not my fault that idiots are getting banned

its a big problem kills are removing every time when someone gets ban its not fear
I could actually agree with that. If we take away kills, because the killed person has been banned, how about giving the stats back (and erasing the times killed), when your attacker has been banned, huh? And 10 credits, because you wasted your time in hospital.
yes i agree man its stupid thing if taking kills off if you kiling person who helping you and you need to change levels and if he banned again neeed to kill from zero:@
Give back the stats when a cheater got banned is a good idea, stats is hard and take time to get. Losing or gaining stats by killing or be killed is the purpose of this game, if a cheater banned thats not our fault to bear.
Once Im playing for top kills I Can tell you guys something, to make 300 400 kills its needed too much credits and if we count in the end how much kills have been removed it means more then 2k credits wasted to exit prison... It doesnt make any sense, remove kills only that came from an obvius abuse
The reason for this feature is ofc to limit the profit you can get from multis. We dont want people to pump up their kill stats with multis, that wouldnt be fair.
yes dont remove kills
memox i tell you something dont let make that stupid multis damn god its hard to get kills but if it taked away from acc because of that baned users fuck this:@