Mobile application.

I think there should be The Crims app available for mobile devices like iOS and Android - so that everything could work flawlessly and the features and design would be adjusted to the specifics of mobile devices. I think itd also be cool, if some application features could work without constant Internet connection - e.g. you could do robberies and buy buildings/hookers, whilst traveling in the underground train or some other place with no reception - and as soon as you connect to the network, application would sync your results with the game. I think this could be awesome for hardcore gamers.
Good idea
Server sided games info cannot be stored locally, so offline mode is impossible Imho. But mobile app is a great idea.
Phone app isnt a bad idea! Im sure that it could even increase the amount of online players playing during the day :D
best idea
aynen iyi fikir ++
its a good idea
but if you can work without internet connection then anyone wont be killed or everybody go off when he go to nightlife
uhh.. hell yeah!
It is true, because if you use the default browser of the phone (my case) is bad for up logs out, because it takes the button to appear.
Yes, please!
We need it.
and include Windows Phone
it could be helpful :)
very necessary ... I hope so for years.
yea please ... in browser its loading slow .. i need a application so i can play from work ... :) thanks alot if you will do it !
nice idea
love it
yes because it takes time to load pictures and all site again and again when playing with browser.
Love it :))
Make Thecrims.jar :D
i just can't believe that doesn't exist a mobile app for the crims
A few minutes ago i am finding crims on google play and i was surptised when i was cantt find it...its great idea
yes pleassse :)
Great Idea
Surely needed. theres a lot of competition for TC out there and other games have mobile apps. in order to stay in the game and significantly increase earnings of Admins
Make it for windows phone too ;)
yes I like this
Yes I like this
good idea
totally agree
Excellent, The Crims APP.
thats idea perfect ++++++
yes sure
do it
Supper !!! Yes yes
It should be great!!
yes it would be GREAT people will play during the day
Perfect idea PRO
some php application would really fix this out.
For training or just accept robs, it's basic programming, c'mon guys
Yes!!! good idea!
Good idea bro