This feature has been implemented

Medals for Country top 1-3 or 1-5

Hello Lithuanian players are all saying it is need to put in game medals for country top not only 1st place but and 2,3, or 4-5. No need money prizes for that places just need give medals because The first country place are always a lot of players acc.. it would be much funny if peoples doesnt make so many teams on 1 acc. More credits would be buying on this way i think, because 2nd 3rd and other country players will be more active, be sura. what do u think everybody?
hm It will be strange game get medals for top 3 in their country what is it then ? understand that there are countries like Brazil Poland Romania Lithuania where hardly wins but it should be this game Im also a lot of times he finished second and get a medal would probably stupid :)
Not stupid i always finished 2nd or 3d i buy credits i spend a lot of time online and so? i need something to get :) the person who wins 2nd place spend the same time as 1st place the only different is that 1st place have 20 acc team :) dont u think so?
but thanks we respect your opinion but the pepoples in lithuania thinks it is a good idea and u know to win in lithuania 1-2-3 places is very hard, peoples need medals even not for 1-5 but even for top 1-2-3. but thanks for opinion bro ;)
1-5 will be good :)
1 , 2 ,3 will be nice;)
yes 1-5 will be good but if 1-3 it would be enough :)
1-5, Follow top international
Very interesting :)
1st, 2nd and 3rd. 4th and 5th would be too much.
yeah maybe too much. in my opinion it would be enough even 1 2 3 places :) it would be huge work for crims players :)
Very very bad idea... !!!
So you cant win your countries top and decide to make medal that you can loose but still get a medal ? :DDD
1-3 and 30, 20, 10 creds reward
weno taigi blet tipo del 2 wietos nereik stengtis lost? reik ne ka maziau skirtumas tik tas kad 1 wieta dazniausiai turi helperiu daxuje,tad nereikia cia ninada lialia, 67 raunde beveik be help laimejau tai pasiseke taip yra ziauriai sunku..
sunku bet paguodai medaliu nemanau kad reik
tikriausiai ir olimpinese nereik duot medaliu naxui neatbegai pirms ar neatplaukei pats kalts :DD
i think top 1-3 its ok top 4 and 5 no
yeAH metoo. 4 and 5 it would be so much too much..
Dont agree with this idea - there will be profiles with huge amount of worthless medals.
In regards if its Olympic games or not - Olympic games is the International event and everybody gets medals (same as in TC, which is International game).
i agree to get a medal for 1-3 in country top
worst idea that i had ever seen :D
good idea
piskis simpa asile;D bent jau tiek gerai kad kakaruz duoda kredu uz lt topa bent kazkiek atsiperka pastangos;)
so many votes hope the 1 acc game and maybe this idea will be the best game system ever and maybe forever. good luck to everyone;)
Nooo dont do that shit! 1 medal for country is enougth
come on memox and others, accept it, it wont be hard to do ;p
i think too if can do icons for daily ,ost killed and other why cant make medals it would be not very hard maybe
it will be maybe neccesary more when will be one account system because u can show to others- i will be the first the second or the third in round xxx by MYSELF.
it is become so important about medals when create rabbits again because activyti grows up very much and to got 1st 2nd or 3rd place in top country is very hard u will see..
Nice idea, because i play from Brazil, and my country have much big players, and is impossible win top 1 for me, but top 3,4,5 maybe...
Congratz for idea
brazil, lithuania, poland romania, egypt and others.. very hard to be even in top 5 :) so vote everybody
its avery good idea we spent cred and time with out any payback
I agree considering its now a 1 account game suddenly UK got hard to win haha!
So maybe we should vote much more and speak about it much louder because i talked with frazer and he told: we dont want more medals.
But wait who is we the admins? the players want.. 300 votes the first place in the list.. i dont know.. shame on tc crew ;))
1,2,3 would be great! 4-5 is imho too much
yes 4-5 it is stupid idea it had even not mention.. :) vote vote vote guys. dear frazer look at the votes :D
LOL! Embrace yourselves... Medal system is good as it is.
primeiro de tudo tinha q ter um tradutor 0
fucking bullshit
sorry for spam, but i think 1 medal would be enough.. work hard to get it ;) the medal supposed to look something like this?
1-3 will do... ;)
It would be nice
man tai pochui, ne del medaliu losiu :))
This feature will be implemented. At least medals for top country 1-3. Probably not in the coming round but in a future one.
All people are crazy (facepalm)
memox you are my hero
so amazing
good idea to increase the competitiveness of the game.
maybe a small prize credits :)
in lithuania our crews make prizes by themselves. we have credits for top 3 players of the country :) it is something anyway :)
fucking idea this medal will make all noobs in all worled play TC and take medals wtf with u man fuck off about fucken ideas please
what the hell u talking?? play tc, it is the most important that all noobs or not noobs play tc more active i don;t think it is bad that : all noobs in all worled play TC. so please shut up..
we will see this in round 72?
Nice Vaidis, congratz bro :)
nice but tired to wait they made it.. its too long. Lithuanians tired to wait.. :S
I think its a good idea :)
good but too long need to whait for make this idea
yes it is too long so a lot of lt players dont want play more the crims . we go back for playing when they did it..
good idea for stop more team play in one account like stupids need more play 4 fun plus stop this shit milk stats i one account
yes but it is 6months accepted it and no news about made it..
in a moment will top 1-5 gang!!! omg its a shit!
Go 1-10 country 1-50 gangs and top 200 interantinal ah i foget about killer country 1-50 and top 200 killsers skull as well, in pink color 100%