This feature has been implemented

More Training

Add more training !!
Agree , just put higher price or longer time for higher gained stats.
good !
more training with other kind of restrictions, expensive, longer time to refresh
The more training you add, the more advantage big teams will have. People who donate to one account (usually the accounts who wins every round) will only get stronger and more impossible to beat. Think about it for a second. Better to nerf the stats you get from assaults, making the stats you already have more valuable that way.
no limit!!!!!!!
++++ and all levels can training
I think the game with more training would be too easy ..
Yes... we should be eable to train 3 times every day :) if someone want to train this mean +1 online.
Training for all levels
Yeah, Training Center should be avaliable for all levels, with or without increased stats/time. There's no way to level up after level 8 unless you hunt, and not all players like/have good internet to hunt (:
seria bom se tivesse treino pra todos os niveis
Pessoal quem concordar, tem uma votação para ter treinos em todos os níveis, votem. Obrigado

Guys to who agrees, there`s a vote going on to have training in all levels, vote. Thanks
eu acho que o treino tinha que poder fazer a cada 12 tc e ter treinos maiores com 100 de estaminas pra pessoas poderem aumentar seus status mais rapidos.
why training stops after level 8 whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???????
training for many players is the main stats making approach
tc players love stats ... add more training , for all levels
This limit has been removed in the current beta.
thats ait broder.
thats ait broder.