This feature has been implemented

Training in jail.

Enable the option to train in jail.Maybe update it a little bit.
yea its wat they do in jail
hmm it can be a good idea :)
makes perfect sense
The best idea ive ever seen over here!!!
Thats good idea
Tem logica e é uma boa, acho uma boa ideia pra equipe do TC só por isso pros vips
Good idea
top idea , and also remove the number of times that we can train per day ++++
Haha takeshyfun kidding me?
Great Idea!! :-)
good idea... all the criminals in real prisons train.. so why not here ?
NO! You are in Jail, because you play wrong and if you dont want to be in Jail buy a freedom.
I dont understand why ppl marking this thread.
yep... but only for vips xDDD
yeah, I wanna be like rly nigga in jail
I think it is a good idea. for an edition: training time will increase in jail, and gainings ( sorry for my bad english) are decreased in jail :)
one of the best idea so far.
In real jain u can get education, train and etc. So there is a huge point about geting trained in jail. Ofc training time should be higher in jail at least twice and gaining decreased at least 30%. (sorry for my english, its my 2nd language.)