The Crims Tutorial

Message Icons

There are three types of message icons; messages, relations and gang. When changes happen that reflect these areas these icons will start blinking. In the message center you can see the normal type of text messages and this icon will start blinking when you have a new message. The other two icons will blink when there has been changes to your relations respectively to your gang.
= In your secret message center you will recieve messages sent to you by the system or other players. You can also send messages to other players with whom you have established a solid relation (Read below).

= Relations
Here you will find a list of your relations. Relations can be either solid or temporary. As explained earlier in this guide, temporary relations is something you get while spending a night on town in the nightlife section. Solid relations are established after a request has been sent between players. You can send and accept those requests here.

= Gangs
There is strength in numbers. As a part of a gang you can commit special robberies that require more than one criminal to be successful. A gang also provides protection in case another gang thinks you're too much of a competition and feels like sending you to the emergency in a gang assault.