The Crims Tutorial

Night life

To perform actions in the Crims, such as robberies, you need stamina. There are two ways to refill your stamina, waiting for it to refill itself, which can be quite slow, or to take a night out on town in one of the numerous clubs or whorehouses in Crimcity. Taking drugs will refill your stamina and you will find them in nightclubs. There are two dangers with visiting nightclubs and taking drugs though. If you're not careful and take too many heavy drugs at once you might overdose. The other danger with visiting clubs is that other criminals you meet will get a special kind of temporary relation with you. Anyone who has you on their relations list can attack you in an assault.
= This button adds or removes a club/whorehouse to your favorites.

= Chose here if you want to go clubbin' and refresh yourself with some invigorating drugs to gain stamina, or visit a whorehouse and refill your stamina doing... well, I think you can figure that one out yourself.

= Enter place
= Leave place

= Buy drugs
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