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First of all, I would like to thank EliteTheCrimsBr team, Medepapai, xk13x, AlmiJR, Iagooban, EXGOTAO, Carecation, DanyMorais, VanessaBHZ, xALASKAx , bmm1… that supported where is crucial: in the early round and at the end. Without you guys, would be way harder.
Also, thank you so much my robber team, TBF! You guys are the best robbers, and I have no doubt we will always win when we play.
Thank you also Kill Army and Boogos specially for the support since we made alliance, and also giving me stats at the end.
Thanks to who helped me with credits: CiriloBR,VanessaBHZ, SoGu, 0vidiuS, SilleNtHiTmAn, KrispySLO, Plaka, ThPlays, Exgotao, GuilhermeAlves, ZimnyLeszek, zTioPatinhasz.
Last but not less important, thank you three guys in specific: Honome, a legend in this game and adu, the best player currently, both helped me with some tips, knowledge exchange and not letting me give up when I made shits.
And my uncle xDAFx, that helped me all round leadingTBF gang.
TBF [ TheBestFriends ]