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450 online 250 BOT PLAYERS NO BAN 50-100 PPL spend money and use cheat or bot does not matterĀ  the game will be die everybody knows We will seeĀ 

The game changed and the crew mentality changed and pay to win or use smth like every game. But there is big difference crims and others game is PLayer counts here 400 ppll other game thousands . So How much money you can get from forever ? .d.d.d at least 2-3 rounds and after you play with brezillian cheaters .d.d.d

AND LAST EVER PLAYER HAS MANY ACCOUNTS SO this game have maximum 200 250 players .d.d.d why ppl stay away from this game ? coz too much change every round change change change and ban you should have democracy we have to say our opinion freely but when you hear about crews ooppss and you say evidence evidence is under my balls now be fair. and cancel this round and bring some old school fashion not mention clonsss or rabbit just fight club gang milk remove top2 gang medals top3 gang medals and nation top 2 medal and top3 medals pls dont give a shit for this game.. and Crew age should be at least 27 and clear english not like ziwistan and dont choose your sck your dick when you choose crew. Experince is good medals is not important just fair and justice is important.