These rules apply to all parts of The Crims.

1. You are solely responsible for your account and for any abuse you may cause via trusted account. Your account will not be restored or rollbacked unless the damage have been inflicted by the Crew or judged by the Crew to be a fair request. Credits might be restored if there is sufficient evidence of abuse.

2. It is forbidden to own or play with more than one account. More than one account is allowed to play from the same IP address but these accounts are not allowed to transfer stats or resources between them or through other accounts. This also means you can log in only one account from one computer. It is forbidden to take any kind of advantage from trusted accounts including but not limited to moving stats and gaining kills. If you are round banned you must wait until the next round to play again or your new account will also be banned.

3. You are not allowed to log in to another player's account or share accounts in any way other than via trusted account. This also means you are not allowed to pass or exchange it.

4. You are not allowed to abuse or steal another player's account. This includes attempts to break into another player's account. Breaking this rule will lead to your account being terminated.

5. All action must be performed by you, being present at the computer. All navigation must be performed by you, clicking on your computer mouse. This also means that tampering with the URL by editing it in the browser is forbidden. Browser add-ons that affect the functionality of the game are forbidden. All kinds of devices, software or routines that interfere with the proper working of the game are strictly forbidden. Breaking this rule will lead to your account being terminated.

6. Bugs must be reported when found and any use of a bug will result in a penalty.

7. It is forbidden to spam or flood in any way. It is also forbidden to advertise anything.

8. It is forbidden to harass, post links or content that contains Nazi, pornographic, racist or any other material that offend groups of people or individuals. Religious and political statements are not allowed. Reports against this rule will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the Crew has the liberty to decide the punishment. Note: please don't report minor insults.

9. Payments not registered in our system will not be compensated. The Crims don't take responsibility for loss of money in such cases. These cases should be reported to the payment provider or operator. The Crims does not take responsibility for credits that are bought from sellers not listed on the "credits" page.

10. It is forbidden to mislead the Crew or to impersonate a crew member. Breaking this rule will lead to your account being terminated.

11. Any action in violation with the user agreement and game license is forbidden.

12. Violating or attempting to violate any of these rules will result in a penalty decided by the Crew. Gaining advantages via
another account which has broken any of these rules can result in a
penalty, each case will be judged individually.

13. All criminal activities that violate local laws will be reported to police authorities. Breaking this rule will lead to your account being terminated.

14. It is forbidden to use proxys or other services that alter or mask your geographical origin.

15. These rules are subject to change at any time.

Make sure you also read the rules FAQ

Read The Crims Terms of Agreement and Privacy Notice